One-of-a-kind, custom-designed
Japanese Bizen-style
wood-fired pottery

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July 2007, More Goodies

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Tokkuri 13-16

Tokkuri 13-16

40 imagesPosted on: 2007-07-24
Fish 1     soldFish 1 sold
Tall Urn 1 SoldTall Urn 1 Sold
A+          soldA+ sold
A+ (Detail)A+ (Detail)
A+ (Detail)A+ (Detail)
Homage to Io SoldHomage to Io Sold
Io (Detail)Io (Detail)
Io (Detail)Io (Detail)
Faceted Bottle SoldFaceted Bottle Sold
2 Bottles (right sold)2 Bottles (right sold)
Multi-Urn SoldMulti-Urn Sold
Multi-Urn (Detail)Multi-Urn (Detail)
Pitcher 1Pitcher 1
Pitcher 1, reverse sidePitcher 1, reverse side
Fishes! soldFishes! sold
Pitcher 2  $99Pitcher 2 $99
Mimitsuki $75Mimitsuki $75
Marutsubo $99 SoldMarutsubo $99 Sold
Tsubo with Scuff $85Tsubo with Scuff $85
Triangle Urn $120Triangle Urn $120
Triangle Urn Reverse ViewTriangle Urn Reverse View
Triangle Urn BottomTriangle Urn Bottom
Burlap Cylinder $65Burlap Cylinder $65
Tsurukubi soldTsurukubi sold
Tokkuri 1-4, $25Tokkuri 1-4, $25
Tokkuri 5-8Tokkuri 5-8
Tokkuri 9-12Tokkuri 9-12
Tokkuri 13-16Tokkuri 13-16
Flawed TokkuriFlawed Tokkuri
Flawed Tokkuri,ReverseFlawed Tokkuri,Reverse
Mug $25Mug $25