One-of-a-kind, custom-designed
Japanese Bizen-style
wood-fired pottery

Welcome to JR Pottery!

Wood fired Bizen style Japanese pottery

Look around my bizen Japanese pottery web site. If you like wood-fired Japanese bizen pottery, it will make you grin just as looking inside my kiln after a fire makes me grin!

Learn more about me and how I came to be a bizen potter on the "About Johnny" page. Learn about different styles of Japanese and bizen pottery on the "Japanese Pottery" page. Best of all, I have pictures, pictures, and more pictures of Japanese pottery and bizen pottery in my photo gallery. You can see the construction of an anagama kiln, see us firing it, and see the wood-fired pottery in various photo galleries.

If you want to buy some of my Japanese bizen pottery, feel free to email me at to inquire about prices and availability.

I hope you enjoy my Japanese bizen wood-fired pottery as much as I do!