One-of-a-kind, custom-designed
Japanese Bizen-style
wood-fired pottery

JR Pottery Photo Gallery

  • Some Plates    Posted: 2017-12-05
    A few odds and ends (Free shipping only while so indicated, get em while they're hot, and within the continental US
  • Doesn't Quite Fit    Posted: 2017-11-20
    These don't fit in the USPS "Fits-it-ships" box, so I don't have a great way to offer free shipping, so I'll just add the shipper's charge to my prices.
  • FREE SHIPPING (Continental US)    Posted: 2017-11-16
    Things that fit in a USPS flat-rate box. (While Supplies Last! Ha! Love writing that!
  • 2017 JRPlantery!    Posted: 2017-11-15
    Greenery in JRPottery!
  • Winter 2014    Posted: 2014-12-15
  • December 2014    Posted: 2014-12-09
  • Autumn 2014    Posted: 2014-10-26
    Lots of new pots!
  • November 2012    Posted: 2012-11-05
  • March 2012    Posted: 2012-03-06
  • Autumn 2011, Under $100    Posted: 2011-11-18
  • Autumn 2011, $100+    Posted: 2011-11-18
  • Fireguy    Posted: 2011-04-03
  • Sea Fan    Posted: 2010-12-01
    My Dad made the base and mounted it. Cool, huh!
  • Sake' Bottles and Cups-- Tokkuri/Ochoko sets    Posted: 2010-11-27
  • Mugs    Posted: 2010-11-11
    Here are the nicest mugs I have in stock as of Nov. 11 2010
  • Autumn 2010    Posted: 2010-10-01
    A peek inside the JRPottery warehouse
  • Slab Vase    Posted: 2010-08-03
    Here's a vase with very traditional Bizen fire effects. No applied glaze on this one, that's all wood ash that accreted during the fire, then we cooked it until it was runny as honey!
  • Tarball    Posted: 2010-07-10
    New Member of My Little Family
  • mikazuki    Posted: 2009-10-20
    crescent moon
  • Autumn 2009 Fruits of Labor    Posted: 2009-10-06
  • Betelgeuse    Posted: 2008-12-24
    This is my homage to Betelgeuse, one of the nearest "Red Giant" stars to our planet. It's a bit more than 400 light-years away. It is the bright red "shoulder" in the constellation Orion. Red Giants are stars that have burned most of their nuclear fuel, turning it to helium. The helium shrouds the dying star in its middle; it is held near equilibrium by the opposing gravitational attraction and the outward force exerted by the nuclear reaction of the dying star...until the star runs low on fuel. Then gravity takes over, and as the helium becomes more dense, gravity's influence becomes exponentially stronger. Very quickly, the helium becomes unstable, and a Supernova occurs.
  • Autumn 2008 Fruits of Labor Part 2    Posted: 2008-10-22
    I will be adding to this gallery over the next few weeks.
  • Autumn 2008 Fruits of Labor    Posted: 2008-10-17
  • Autumn 2008 Fire    Posted: 2008-09-21
  • The Pug Mill    Posted: 2008-09-01
  • Ponytail Palms    Posted: 2008-08-17
    I made these planters years ago, they ended up at my parents' house. Dad has a very green thumb, so he planted ponytail palms in them several years ago. Honestly I had forgotten the planters still belong to me, I had just gotten used to seeing them as you see them in this gallery. Dad reminded me the planters are mine, and he kindly offered to let me sell them with the beautiful ponytail palms. According to, "The Ponytail palm should be watered thoroughly once every 7 - 14 days. The Ponytail palm is native to desert areas therefore, it has a root system similar to cactus in that the roots go deep in order to store water for long dry spells. Be sure to let the soil become dry to touch 1" to 1-1/2" deep before watering again. If you notice the lower foliage is starting to turn a yellow or brown color you may be under watering the plant. The Ponytail palm requires bright light so be sure to place it near a window where full sun is received. Bugs and mites usually are not a problem with the palm, however if they do appear, simply spray the houseplant down with a soapy water mix twice a day until they are gone." $800 each, all 6 for $4500 plus shipping and insurance.
  • Summer 2008    Posted: 2008-07-06
  • More from Spring 2008    Posted: 2008-05-08
  • Lamp Urn    Posted: 2008-05-07
    Diameter 2 Feet. $5500
  • Spring 2008 Guinomi    Posted: 2008-05-03
    Sake' Cups. Prices plus shipping. $10 each, $8 each for orders of 10 or more. Get 'em while they're hot! I'll do my best to keep availability current, forgive me if some things sell before I update the website! Sold cups will be numbered in the caption.
  • Spring 2008 Fruits of Labor    Posted: 2008-04-11
    Prices do not include shipping and insurance.
  • Spring 2008 Fire    Posted: 2008-03-30
  • Spring 2008 Loading    Posted: 2008-03-24
  • December 2007 Yunomi and Other cups    Posted: 2007-12-10
    I went rummaging and found a few goodies!!
  • Old and New Guinomi Sake' Cups    Posted: 2007-11-19
  • Fence Swift    Posted: 2007-10-05
    I'm an incurable herpetophile, Fence Swifts are among my favorite reptiles. This is one of the smallest I've ever seen. I don't have half enough time to make such complicated sculptures for this next fire, but lizards are definitely on the short-list of sculpture subjects next Spring!
  • Lionfish    Posted: 2007-09-03
  • August 2007 Goodies    Posted: 2007-08-15
    Prices Plus Shipping and Insurance
  • July 2007, More Goodies    Posted: 2007-07-24
    Prices do not include shipping and insurance, as quoted by your preferred carrier.
  • July 2007 Goodies    Posted: 2007-07-12
  • Summer 2007, Fruits of Labor    Posted: 2007-07-03
    I'll post more pictures as I open the kiln door more.
  • June 2007 Fire    Posted: 2007-06-27
  • June '07 Loading    Posted: 2007-06-04
    Thanks to Tricia, Jim, JD, and Ginny!!
  • The Edifice and the Woodpile    Posted: 2007-05-22
    Behind the Scenes at JRPottery
  • June '07 Urns    Posted: 2007-05-18
    I got a last-minute order to make a big urn, I made two!
  • A Few Plates    Posted: 2006-12-14
    Discount Prices on Plates too!!
  • Sale, Gallery 2    Posted: 2006-11-29
    More Variety, Amazingly Low Prices!!
  • Sale!    Posted: 2006-11-28
    Lowest Prices, Best Quality! Gifts made by hand with loving care are sure to please your loved ones, and now is the best time to buy them! This sale will end December 20. (Shipping cost is not included in these incredibly low prices).
  • Autumn '06 Fire    Posted: 2006-11-01
  • New Chimney    Posted: 2006-10-15
    Humor in Pragmatic Simplicity!
  • Autumn '06 Loading    Posted: 2006-09-30
    I'll take some days loading, and post pictures along the way.
  • Greenware    Posted: 2006-08-23
    A BIG Urn, and some other things
  • Celestial Objects    Posted: 2006-06-24
    Imagine these...
  • Independence    Posted: 2006-06-17
    A Salute to American Independence
  • More Luminescent Urns    Posted: 2006-05-20
    Firing May 20-21
  • Marbled Plates    Posted: 2006-05-04
    I have about 8 of these 11"dinner plates left, plus about 10 5"side plates.
  • Luminescent Urn    Posted: 2006-04-16
  • April '06    Posted: 2006-04-08
  • Urns With "Issues"    Posted: 2006-03-23
  • March '06    Posted: 2006-03-21
    More Fishy Doin's
  • March 8 2006    Posted: 2006-03-08
    Firing today!
  • February 2006    Posted: 2006-02-05
  • Yunomi Close-ups January 2006    Posted: 2006-01-19
    In Stock, Jan. 19 2006
  • October Inventory 3    Posted: 2005-10-14
  • October Inventory 4    Posted: 2005-10-14
  • October 13 Pitchers    Posted: 2005-10-13
    Slabware Pitchers $85 each, except for Pitcher 6, $60, which has a couple of cracks (repaired).
  • October Inventory 2    Posted: 2005-10-12
    More Goodies
  • October Inventory 1    Posted: 2005-10-09
    Here are some of the prettiest things I have in stock right now.
  • October 2, 2005    Posted: 2005-10-02
    Some Fish, some Corals, and Other Things
  • September Fishes    Posted: 2005-09-02
    Fishes from my little round kiln!
  • August 18 2005 Fishes    Posted: 2005-08-18
    Thses are all made of marbled clay, it should be more visible when they're cooked!
  • August 11-12 2005    Posted: 2005-08-11
  • July 26, 2005: Fishy Fire    Posted: 2005-07-27
    Fishes and other things
  • Fishy Fire    Posted: 2005-07-25
    Some Fishes, a Sea Fan, and 2 Jupiter Urns
  • July 2, 2005    Posted: 2005-07-03
    A Pretty Good Fire
  • May 14, 2005    Posted: 2005-05-14
    My Display, Spongiform
  • May 4, 2005    Posted: 2005-05-04
    A Moray Eel
  • Plates    Posted: 2005-04-23
    Rhombus Plates, Plain-Vanilla Plates, One Inverted Medium Platter
  • April 18, 2005: Tennessee Flowers    Posted: 2005-04-19
    Here are a few of the flowers blooming now in Tennessee.
  • April 15, 2005    Posted: 2005-04-16
    Here are some photos of the water-test. That many pots fit into little Danielle the Super Kiln!
  • Mid-April Fire    Posted: 2005-04-15
    Just a couple of shots, I'll post more pictures as they pass the water test
  • April 12, 2005    Posted: 2005-04-13
    Loading Danielle the Super Kiln
  • April 1, 2005    Posted: 2005-04-02
    Firing tonight
  • March 6, 2005    Posted: 2005-03-07
    New Pictures
  • March 5, 2005    Posted: 2005-03-06
    2 marbled "Jupiter Urns", 8 funerary urns, re-fired pitchers, odds and ends
  • February 25, 2005    Posted: 2005-02-26
    2 views of my Jupiter Urn. Thr contrast will be about the same as other marbled pieces I've made recently.
  • February 16, 2005    Posted: 2005-02-16
    My Latest Fire!
  • February 14, 2005    Posted: 2005-02-15
    Double Helix
  • February 12, 2005    Posted: 2005-02-12
    Here are some funerary urns waiting to be trimmed, some "Tsurukubi" Crane's Neck Vases I finished a couple of days ago, and a trimming tool. I enslaved a credit card, Dave Ramsey would love it!!
  • Tom & Sonja's Collection    Posted: 2004-12-28
    Some of these are from my apprenticeship, some are more recent.
  • My Parents' House    Posted: 2004-12-26
  • Dec. 17, 2004    Posted: 2004-12-18
    Some plates, and a view of my studio from my loft.
  • Dec. 11 2004    Posted: 2004-12-12
    Cross your fingers, I still have to cook these!
  • Johnny's Backyard    Posted: 2004-12-09
    Pottery with a Past!
  • Dec. 7 2004    Posted: 2004-12-08
    Various pottery
  • Turbo-Bitty    Posted: 2004-12-01
    A friend gave me 2 old electric kilns, I converted them into one LP gas fueled "Little Bitty" kiln, which I later enhanced with a segment of stovepipe, hence the name.
  • things    Posted: 2004-12-01
    Things I've made
  • Danielle the Super Kiln    Posted: 2004-11-29
    Here's Danielle, the Kiln of Steel. There are 2 fire/salt ports (far right, near left) and 2 chimney ports (near right, far left). I use only 6 posts to support three 14"x28" shelves, set diagonally. This kiln is designed to make it easy to get earth, air, fire, water, time, and potter all together in the proper order.
  • September 04 Firing    Posted: 2004-10-27
    Here is some nice pottery from my September 2004 firing
  • June 2003 Firing    Posted: 2003-06-29
    Here are some photos from my June 2003 kiln firing
  • Photos from a wood kiln firing    Posted: 2002-06-23
    These are some photos from a wood-kiln firing
  • Photos of pottery from before October 2001    Posted: 2001-10-29
    Photos of some of my older pottery
  • October 2001 Firing    Posted: 2001-10-25
    Pottery from my October 2001 kiln firing
  • Anagama kiln construction    Posted: 2001-09-29
    These are photos from the construction of Gypsy Queen, my anagama kiln