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Gallery: Ponytail Palms

I made these planters years ago, they ended up at my parents' house. Dad has a very green thumb, so he planted ponytail palms in them several years ago. Honestly I had forgotten the planters still belong to me, I had just gotten used to seeing them as you see them in this gallery. Dad reminded me the planters are mine, and he kindly offered to let me sell them with the beautiful ponytail palms. According to, "The Ponytail palm should be watered thoroughly once every 7 - 14 days. The Ponytail palm is native to desert areas therefore, it has a root system similar to cactus in that the roots go deep in order to store water for long dry spells. Be sure to let the soil become dry to touch 1" to 1-1/2" deep before watering again. If you notice the lower foliage is starting to turn a yellow or brown color you may be under watering the plant. The Ponytail palm requires bright light so be sure to place it near a window where full sun is received. Bugs and mites usually are not a problem with the palm, however if they do appear, simply spray the houseplant down with a soapy water mix twice a day until they are gone." $800 each, all 6 for $4500 plus shipping and insurance.

3 imagesPosted on: 2008-08-17